Motion Matters: Creating content that moves your audience.

By: Jacob Hilton

We’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to make something move. Motion is what we see with our eyes, but movement is not a force on its own, it is the result of energy put in. To make something move sometimes you just need to give it little push to get the whole ball rolling, but sometimes you need real muscle… and sometimes you need an atomic force! At Pixel Mover, our goal is to be that energy that powers your message.

Pixel Mover creates a lot of animation, but we are starting to realize that that what we really want to put into motion isn’t something that lives inside of a screen, it’s actually the people on the other side of those screens. Because if we are going to create something, we believe that we should have something to say, and we believe that if you say it right, your audience will listen and want to take action!

Pixel Mover is proud to launch this new website and announce that it is accepting new clients! We hope that you enjoy this video of some of our favorite projects and creations and we would love to hear from you so please contact us!